About us

Many years ago, in 1957, the Pliva pharmaceutical company spun off its Department for Manufacture of Laboratory Chemicals into a separate business entity named "Kemika". After privatization in 1992, we became and still are a joint stock company.

Our core business is manufacture and trade in laboratory chemicals and high purity chemicals which are used as bulk chemicals in various industry branches.

The fundamental principle of our business is focus on customer. Our imperative is to meet the requirements and fulfil the expectations of our customers by providing not only high quality and available products, but also expert support at favourable prices.

Due to this approach, our customers have recognized us as a reliable and desirable partner. We are a long-standing supplier of Croatian Institute of Public Health as well as various scientific, teaching, analytic and biochemical laboratories and an approved supplier to many reputable manufacturers of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other products.

Apart from the European Union countries, our products can also be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Serbia.

Our mission

To meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in all segments. To improve relations with business partners, to enhance business processes and ensure permanent increase of customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To become the regional leader in manufacture and trade of laboratory chemicals.

Quality management

We implemented the quality management system according to the ISO 9001 Standard in 2005. We maintain, develop and enhance the system following the Standard revision.

While implementing our business processes, we are paying special attention to the principle of environment protection and instruments of environment protection at the same time raising our employees' awareness of the need to preserve, sustainably use, protect and enhance our environment.


Our core products are:

Laboratory chemicals:

chemicals of various purity grade and purpose

analytical reagents


volumetric solutions

laboratory cleaning products

Special purpose chemicals:

industrial grade chemicals

(pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries)

The quality of all products in checked in our own laboratories. We provide the appropriate certificate of analysis for each product series.